"During my search for Locksmiths in Norwood, I ended up hiring one company and it quickly became a nightmare.  The person arrived without the proper parts despite the fact that I told them which lockset was currently installed on my door. When they returned with the correct parts and installed it, my new lock stuck more often then not and I ended up breaking a brand new key in it. I decided to give Norwood Locksmiths after coming across their website.  What a difference over the last company! The locksmith that was dispatched was very knowledgeable and friendly. He explained to me why the lockset installed wasn't working correctly and installed a brand name product.  There have been no problems whatsoever since he completed the work and I also ended up paying a little less then I did before. Thank you so much Norwood Locksmiths for getting this fixed for me!" (Daniel B.)

"We recently purchased a home in the Norwood area and were looking for a company to come to our new residence and fit new locks on all the doors as well as the garage door lock. During our search for Locksmiths in Norwood we came across your website and called you for some information on getting this done.  After speaking with a few competitors, we ultimately decided to hire Norwood Locksmiths due to the way our questions were answered when compared to other companies. Rather then being pressured into making an appointment with a locksmith, you presented all the information, the estimated overall cost and how long it would take to be completed.  Once we decided to go ahead with the job, your locksmith arrived on time and finished earlier than anticipated. We feel much safer knowing that there is no possible way an old key can be used to gain access to our home while we are not there. Thanks Norwood Locksmiths for all your help and a job well done." (Tracy & Rob G.)